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Sarah has the magical gift to look closely into the soul of humans and to untangle the web we weave throughout our lifetimes. Thank you my dear friend, for lighting up the path so I can clearly see my true self and feel all the love and compassion that resides inside of me.
— maria
Five words that describe Sarah:
Heart warming,
A lighthouse of love.
Every once an a while you meet someone that has this amazing ability to really see you. Sarah has a special gift to see you deeply, and without judgement. It’s as though a little light is sparked inside your soul, when a person can connect to your true nature ... and you can breathe again.
— Gale
I met with Sarah for a session a few months ago. My experience with her has been life changing. So much of our session was focused on my past lives and how they effect the way I choose to live my life today. Sarah helped me to clear the negative things that I have been holding onto in this lifetime, so that I can achieve my highest purpose and happiness now. I am truly grateful for Sarah and I look forward to seeing her again and throughout my years.
— Sonia
Sarah created and held a safe and open space for me during our session together. She embodies such compassion, respect and genuine care every step of the way through her healing work. Her intuition is incredible and I found my session flowing so naturally to uncover issues I didn’t even realize were at the core of my personal circumstances. I felt tangible shifts in my energy throughout our session, and came out of it feeling lighter and with a deeper sense of clarity regarding my own healing. I would recommend Sarah and her services to anyone seeking assistance on their path of growth, self discovery and healing.
— Mandy

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Meet me!

MY NAME IS sarah

Just a few words that get thrown around about me: Calm, helpful, warm, trustworthy, versatile, honest. 

I am an Aries ... the first born of 5 amazing human, from a family of colourful souls. My ruling planet is Mars. Which I will never visit in this lifetime I am certain ... unless I find a few billions burning a hole in my pocket sometime soon! I didn't ever used to enjoy the sea ... but since taking scuba lessons wish to be near it everyday! I was a pure blonde as a kid, which as a dark brunette now ... I feel this is worth mentioning.

If you know me, you know I don’t adhere to titles. It took me a while to get around the idea of what to call myself. I help others profoundly shift themselves from within and honour their WHY. I have found how to be and create mindfulness and respect change as it comes in this life and now I help others to do the same in theirs. Life Coach, Growth expert, support lead where just a few titles I was told I am but none of them felt right. I am just me, here to honour the gifts I have brought with me into this world. If anything I am an Agent of Change, here to represent the power of Now. I am based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, a Mother of 2, daughter, wife, sister and friend to many. I have a global client base from Calgary to Korean and growing. I am a big advocate for fitness which I discovered into my thirties when I began to choose to take myself back. I am creating, owning and architecting my life, choosing to be excited as life shifts, expands and changes along with me. This life is a gift and I intend to serve myself and others from that place of love we all carry within us.